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Each character has multiple sheets, corresponding to the adventure listed to reflect their development as a result of previous adventures and 'off-screen' time.

Lothar Umber

A young man of 16 years and the nephew of the Greatjon. Lothar has recently returned from Beyond the Wall with his father’s valyrian blade ‘Fury’. He and his companions retrieved it from the wildlings that killed his father many years ago. He is now stuck in Last Hearth, not permitted to march with the Umber host to join Lord Robb Stark in the war against the Lannisters.
  • 2nd Level Noble, 2nd Level Man-at-arms: AGOT 01-02
  • 2nd Level Noble, 3rd Level Man-at-arms: AGOT 03-05

Jaery Mormont

A young woman of 17 years, was sent to foster with the Umbers 3 years ago.  From Bear Island, Jaery continues the tradition of the women of Bear Island, renown for being raised as warriors. There is not much for Jaery on Bear Island, and she is happy to have been able to foster with the Umbers.
  • 1st Level Noble, 3rd Level Man-at-arms: AGOT 01-02
  • 1st Level Noble, 4th Level Man-at-arms: AGOT 03
  • 1st Level Noble, 5th Level Man-at-arms: AGOT 04-05

Lenard Wendover

Lenard is the nephew of Lord Horace and has fought with King Robb Stark in battles against the Lannisters in the South. He has returned from the South escorting the bones of the dead noblemen back to the North.
  • 4th Level Noble, 1st Level Man-at-arms: AGOT 04-05

Elick Snow

A young man of 20 years and the bastard son of Hothor Umber.
  • 1st Level Noble, 4th Level Knave: AGOT 01-02
  • 1st Level Noble, 5th Level Knave: AGOT 03-05

Dorian Shaw

The 17 year old son of the house Master at Arms, Dorian has taken more of an interest in wilds of the North and yearns to continue his family’s service to the Umber family as the house’s Master Huntsman. 
  • 1st Level Noble, 4th Level Hunter: AGOT 01-02
  • 1st Level Noble, 5th Level Hunter: AGOT 03-05

Morgan Shaw

She is 16 year old daughter of Ser Alain and the younger sister of Dorian. From an early age, Morgan was seen to be touched by the Old Gods, the religion of the First Men and very common to the North. 
  • 1st Level Noble, 4th Level Godsworn: AGOT 01-02
  • 1st Level Noble, 5th Level Godsworn: AGOT 03-05

Jax Steele

Jax is the son of the Captain of the Guard of Long Lake. The Steele family have been loyal to Long Lake for many generations. Jax showed an early aptitude working the forge, but he has equal talent knocking heads to any that may cross him or Lenard Wendover; the two seem to be inseparable.
  • 7th Level Artisan: AGOT 04-05

Maester Baelin

The 26 year old sent from the Citadel to Last Hearth to be the apprentice to Maester Kelven.  Kelven had broken his leg about a year ago and Baelin was sent to assist the Umber’s maester and to eventually become his replacement. Baelin is still a young man and while he has devoted his life to the Citadel, he enjoys the company of the younger Umber household. He often trains with them much to the dismay of Kelven.
  • 6th Level Maester: AGOT 01-02
  • 7th Level Maester: AGOT 03-05

Yori Liddle

A member of the Liddle mountain clan,Yori was among that group and witnessed Rygor’s death.  Rygor had actually saved Yori’s life during the campaign against the wildlings. The day Rygor fell, the wildling raiders were able to drive away the Umber host – Rygor’s body was never recovered. Yori returned to Last Hearth and swore to be Lothar’s protector.
  • 6th Level Raider: AGOT 01-02
  • 7th Level Raider: AGOT 03-05


An oathbreaker from the Night’s Watch, he saved many villagers’ lives in the Wildling attack on Rohr, and has been approached by Elick regarding an alternative to the headsman when they return to Last Hearth. He has been pardoned by the Greatjon, but is still known by many as the ‘Oathbreaker’.
  • 3rd Level Knave, 3rd Level Night's Watch Ranger: AGOT 01-02
  • 4th Level Knave, 3rd Level Night's Watch Ranger: AGOT 03-05

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