Adventures and Logs

Season 1

AGOT 01 - Winter is Coming
Oathbreakers have deserted their post on the Wall. As members of the Umber family household, it is your responsibility to deal with the issue - find these men and bring them to justice.
  • 08/15/2008: Gen Con, Indianapolis
  • 02/21/2009: BASHCon XXIV, Toledo
  • 08/13/2009: Gen Con, Indianapolis
  • 08/04/2010: Gen Con, Indianapolis
  • 08/16/2012: Gen Con, Indianapolis
  • 08/17/2012: Gen Con, Indianapolis
  • 08/18/2013: Gen Con, Indianapolis

AGOT 02 - Fire and Fury
Wildling raiders have a family sword, but you have to go beyond the Wall to get it. Are the stories of the mythical creatures living beyond the wall based on fact, or just stories to scare young children.
  • 08/14/2009, Gen Con, Indianapolis
  • 08/15/2009, Gen Con, Indianapolis
  • 08/05/2010, Gen Con, Indianapolis
  • 08/16/2014, Gen Con, Indianapolis

AGOT 03 - Home and Last Hearth
The Umbers rule Last Hearth, but who controls its side streets and back alleys? When Jonath Snow goes missing, the family must find out first hand that power and influence only have a limited reach.
  • 08/06/2010, Gen Con, Indianapolis

AGOT 04 - Feast and Famine
It is time for the Harvest Feast in Winterfell. While the Lords of the great houses are in the south fighting for the King of the North, the situation may be too tempting for others looking to take advantage.
  • 06/18/2011, Troll Hoot IV, Ohio
  • 08/16/2012, Gen Con, Indianapolis

AGOT 05 - Ever Vigilant
Lady Hornwood has been captured by Roose Bolton's bastard and Vey lands have been raided by Draven soldiers. For generations, Stonewatch has been held by the Vey family. Who will hold it in the future?\
  • 08/17/2012, Gen Con, Indianapolis

Season 2

AGOT 06 - Blood and Honor
The Young Wolf is dead, killed at the Red Wedding. Roose Bolton is the new Warden of the North. You are members of the Umber noble family, a new story arc with the existing characters.

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