Sunday, August 5, 2012

Character - Jax Steele

The newest character for the game is Jax Steele, a full time blacksmith and part time brawler. He likes to drink and he likes to bash heads. The Steele family are similar to the Shaws in Last Hearth. They have served the Wendovers for countless generations. His father is the current captain of the guard for Long Lake.

Jax has become a very talented blacksmith and is a close friend to Lenard Wendover, who has been away with the Northern army fighting in the South.

This is the first character that is using the 'Artisan' class. As a blacksmith, Jax has earned a positive reputation for his weapons and armor. He also has the ability with the necessary time and materials to craft masterwork weapons. - Warlord, street thug
His character sheet is available on the Characters page. A full listing of the Steele family is also in the Family Trees page.

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