Friday, August 3, 2012

An Umber Update

The nice thing about replaying all the sessions from start to finish with the boy is that I can try new things and make some tweaks here and there.

Playing in the First Episode yesterday, the boy kept asking me questions about his character (Lothar) and who his family is, how they are related, and who would have to die for him to be the highest ranking Umber.

Originally, I had Rygor Umber as the second son of the Greatjon, younger brother of the Smalljon. However, then I would have to worry about who the Littlejon's kids are (which I am going to have to worry about anyway once I get into Book 3 territory) in relation to Lothar's position in the family and the Smalljon's kids being just as old as Lothar.

Going with Rygor as the younger brother of the Greatjon, it makes more sense that Lothar and the Smalljon are closer in age (as cousins), maybe 5-6 years younger and the reason why he is running with a different crowd in Last Hearth.

So - the new Family Tree of the Umbers...


JON UMBER, called the Greatjon, Lord of Last Hearth
  • his son
    • JON, called the Smalljon, Heir to Last Hearth
  • his brother
    •  [SER RYGOR], killed by wildling raiders 
      • his wife, CYRIE, of House Hornwood
      • his son, LOTHAR
        • KERROLD WENDOVER, Lothar's squire
  • his ward
  • his uncles
    • MORS UMBER, called Crowsfood, Castellan of Last Hearth
      • [JONATH SNOW], his bastard son, found slain in the Umber Crypt
    • HOTHOR UMBER, called Whoresbane, Castellan of Last Hearth
  • his household 
    • MAESTER KELVEN, healer and tutor
    • REGINALD VAS, Captain of the Guard
    • SER ALAIN SHAW, Master-at-Arms
      • DORIAN, his son, hunter and tracker  
      • MORGAN, his daughter, touched by the Old Gods
    • YORI LIDDLE, sworn sword of Lothar Umber 
    • BROCKthe Oathbreaker, sworn sword to House Umber
    • SAMSON, House Huntsman

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