Sunday, April 1, 2012

Obsidian Portal

I have been adding some campaign information to the Obsidian Portal Site...please check it out and sign up if you are interested in getting some information about the games I will be running at GEN CON 2012 in Indianapolis.

Jerrytel AGOT - Umber Campaign

Most of the information will be the same, but there are some cool features on the Obsidian Portal if you elect to join the site - send me a request and I will add anyone that is interested.



+5Gamer said...

My wife and I LOVE Game of Thrones books and movies and would love to play this...would there be a problem playing 04 without the first three? We have never played before (your campaign), and were disappointed you weren't offering the first 3...but as another GM I certainly understand the reasoning behind this!!

Jerry Teleha said...

There would be no problem at all...the first 3 adventures were really just the first story line in the campaign that I had been running the previous few years.

Playing in the game starting with 4 or 5 would not at all require experience with previous adventures. I have a few players that have played in each of the first 3 adventures, so I want to keep the things moving or I will lose them :)