Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Dance with Dragons - a final thought

I finished this thing a few weeks ago - the time it took for me to remember that I finished and then write something here should give you an indication of my thoughts.

As a co-worker told me when she finished the book a few weeks ahead of me - "that is time I will never get back". These are my thoughts exactly.

Now to clarify, there are chapters that are riveting and fun to read. You will get the glimpses of the characters you have been waiting 5 years to read about. You will get a set-up to multiple events and expect a stirring and acceptable resolution - either good or bad - but a freaking resolution nonetheless.

Unfortunately, what you get is even more stalling, even more characters, and even more paragraphs about what foul food the characters are eating. The story does not progress and I became less and less enchanted with the story and the characters I once loved to read about.

10 years to get a finished 4th book (since this was technically part 2 of Book 4) and what do we have to look forward to? An aging author who has lost his mojo and will more than likely never get to the next installment. Honestly, I don't really care anymore - I would just like to see an end. Maybe a 10 page epilogue just to say where the story would have eventually ended if he actually had the time and the drive to finish it.

The real truth I think we will find out in the end is that he has lost his way, written himself in a corner, and has no clue on how to get out.

Just my random thoughts though - what do you think?

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