Saturday, August 20, 2011

Still not finished...

So...been busy with the house but I have been reading some other things (Fighting Fantasy books on the Kindle). I have had a Red Wedding moment with Book 5 that has really turned me off from the book.

The realization for me now is the GRR has no intention of moving this story is drowning in its tedium, dealing with characters I don't care about and taking away the characters that you do care about.

Oh well - the odds of this guy getting Book 6 done anytime soon is pretty far fetched. We will more than likely be left with an unfinished story regardless. He is not getting any younger and 5-10 years between books is not a good thing.


Valour said...

Do I really want to know? So far, I haven't picked this book up... and based on a few valuable opinions (yours included) I am not sure if I want to.... ug!

You were missed at GenCon, btw... Pooka's Conan game was loads of fun, and we had an excellent time.

jerrytel said... is not all that bad, it is just that the story is not moving along...that is all.

I will try to finish it this week :)

Missed you all - I was tempted to drive down just for Saturday, but after paying all my repair bills this week, I am glad I decided not to. :)

Next year - bigger and better, and we can work together to run a few games if you like.