Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Real Life and Stuff

I am sorry to say that my house decided to crap on me once again (back on May 30 - my birthday), and my insurance has decided that it will not be covered (what a surprise).

I am currently half living out my house and also living with the in-laws. My house needs to get work done and I just cannot justify my trip to Indianapolis this year when my family is still not at home.

My apologies to any and all who signed up for my games. For those that have stuck with me in the past - even more apologies that I won't be there with my new adventure.

I am contacting Gen Con today to cancel my events...this was a hard decision, but I needed to make it.



Valour said...

Jerry -

We completely understand, and hope everything works out for you! Hang in there, and we look forward to your game next year!!!

Steve and Stephen

jerrytel said...

Next yaer Steve - if you like - we can coordinate our schedules and maybe both plan on running a few events - plenty of time to talk about it in the future - have a great time this year!!

Valour said...

Yes, that would be awesome! We have to do that. Also, was there anything you needed to get at GenCon that I can get for you? If so, let me know and I will do my best.

My son was kinda in shock when I told him. I actually allowed him to watch most of the HBO series (lots of fast forwarding, and verbal synopsis of scenes!) And he was going crazy when the GreatJohn lost his fingers to Greywind!!! And when he sword fealty to the King in the North!!!

You will be missed this year.

jerrytel said...

I have to admit too that I was very happy everytime I saw the Greatjon or when the Umbers were mentioned.

And for Stephen/Lothar, that would be his grandpa, eh?

I am really gonna miss you guys - thanks for keeping me motiviated because you two are great - you have breathed life into both of those characters...

I still have the vivid memory - 'Yori does not fall...' from last year.

Thanks for the offer - I will let you know if there is anything I may want you to look for.