Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Dance with Dragons - Halfway there...

So - I am halfway through the book and I have an Areo Hotah chapter - which pretty much syncs up with the end of 'A Feast for Crows', the 4th book.

That did not take long!!!

I believe Martin's claim all along was that this book ended up being too long so he wanted to divide it in half, but instead of cutting it at the halfway mark, he cut it in half based on the North and the South I am surprised that it was only halfway through Book 5 that we are already caught up and further backs the notion that Martin took the better part of 10 years to figure out what the heck to do with the story that had gotten away from him...just my opinion though.


Valour said...

Jerry, did you have to re-read Feast for Crows before starting this? How long ago did you read it? It has been a few years for me, and I kinda dread trying to re-read that book as it was my least favorite. But I do want to dive into Dance with Dragons! What is your advise?

jerrytel said...


I had put off reading Feast of Crows because I had not been able to get through until the reality of Book 5 was nigh - and I forced myself to get it done.

Now - I liked it more than I expected, but still it was the weakest of the 4 - we can agree on that.

I would not go back and re-read, you just may have to be reminded of some key milestones and rumors about certain characters going in...

1. Cersei has placed a bounty on Tyrion's head - promising lands and titles - for the murder he commited. So, many dwarfs' heads have been brought before Cersei. but none have been her brother's.

2. News from White Harbor was that Davos was killed by the Manderlys to show loyalty to Kings Landing.

3. Umbers, Manderlys, Cerwins, and other houses of the North have bent the knee to Roose Bolton as the new warden of the North.

jerrytel said...

Oh and for the Dornish - Doran's son Quentin was sent across the Narrow Sea for a mission that you do not know too much about in Feast of Crows...

And the head of Gregor Clegane was on its way to Sunspear.

And Myrcella was injured in the attempt to smuggle her out of Dorne by Doran Martell's daughter.