Sunday, June 19, 2011


Happy to have had the chance to playtest the adventure - even in its incomplete state. I have to confess - I am normally someone who has all these grand plans and I end up with a half finished idea by the time Gen Con roles around.

Troll Hoot IV was a fun gathering of friends - new and old. We played 4 different systems over a 2 day period. My 'Feast and Famine' adventure I think was fairly well received. Many opportunities for some King-making (or at least some Lord-making) in this one that were not really available in previous games - the political side of the background was something I was eager to get into.

I have my notes - I know what I want to do - I have my 3 new characters, as well as some new tweaks to the current characters.

And don't forget to celebrate Brock Day in Brockville, where the Brock Ale is being brewed for Lord Brock...maybe.


Valour said...

Glad to hear it went well, Jerry! The Junior and I are really looking forward to GenCon this year, primarily to play your game!!! Through careful editing via pause and fast-forward, I have been able to let him watch the HBO series, and we are psyched to be playing this year!

jerrytel said...

Wow - talk about careful editing :)

While I am a fan of excess nudity, it really was not all that necessary, that is for sure.

But in terms of the adaptation - holy cow! I never thought anyone would be able to do such a good job - exceeded all my expectations.

For Gen Con - I am planning on buying 2 tickets for you and the boy as soon as the new event is listed - again - will keep you posted.