Monday, June 27, 2011

Of Hornwoods, Freys, Boltons, and Whents...or Blackwoods (Spoilers)

Believe it or not, I have spent alot of time trying to pick families that the PCs and NPCs are directly or indirectly attached to. Some of my decisions were by pure luck, since I started this whole thing when I was just getting started reading the books.

Having completed all the books (as of June 27 - 4 books in Ice and Fire and the 3 short stories for Dunk and Egg), I am now listening to the books on CD. As is normally the case, you pick up much more details on the second (and third) time through.

The following will contain spoilers to the main storyline of Ice and Fire...

Cyrie Umber, of House Hornwood
So - this one was pure luck...I had no clue what would happen to the Hornwood family at the time I chose that family for Lothar's mother. House Hornwood's males have been wiped out in the battles at the end of Book 1, A Game of Thrones. In Book 2, Lady Hornwood comes to Winterfell and both the Umbers and the Manderly's are trying to broker a marriage to take over the Hornwood lands. As it turns out, the Bastard Bolton kidnaps Lady Donella, forces her to marry him, and then leaves her to die in a dungeon. Now the Boltons lay claim to the Hornwood lands. Will Lothar and the Umbers get involved?

With the events of Book 3, and the upcoming events of Book 5, it will be interesting to see what is actually happening in the North as a result of the Bolton involvement in the Red Wedding and its aftermath.

Maester Baelin, of House Frey
Once again - I had no clue of the events in Book 3 and the Red Wedding when I chose Maester Baelin's family. Being raised at the Citadel from a young age and assigned to House Umber, Baelin really holds no allegiance to his blood family. But, this family connection could prove interesting in the near future. Regarding the Red Wedding, I will not go into anymore can easily find that information if you would like to. But, if you have not read Book 3, try to hold off the temptation.

House Whent or House Blackwood
There will be a sub-plot regarding the sisters who married into the Vey and Draven families. I picked House Whent because I wanted a family that was pretty much out of the main storyline. Once I read that Lady Whent had no heirs at all...I figured it was best to change to a family that at least still existed and was not about to be extinct. Extinct would mean no claim to the former Whent lands...a child in House Vey or House Draven would provide that potential heir, and thus, the family would not be extinct.

House Blackwood is a riverlands family that still worships that Old Gods (like the Northerners). They have not bent the knee to the Iron Throne after the Red Wedding, and are the only family of the riverlords that are still fighting. Plus, they have a longstanding feud with another riverlands family (House Bracken) which could always be used as a plot point later.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Character - Brock

Brock was an orphan growing up on the streets of Kings Landing. He did what he had to do to survive, but helped and protected those that were weaker and frequently preyed upon by others. He was eventually caught thieving by the Gold Cloaks and sent to prison. He was offered a choice - lose a hand, or join the Night's Watch.

At Castle Black, Brock had proven to be a skilled with steel as well as his fists. He was assigned to be a ranger in the Night's Watch, said the words, and was stationed at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea. Something sinister was returning to the Haunted Forest, and the men of the Eastwatch began to talk. Rangers had gone missing from Castle Black, and wildling villages were disappearing completely. Some of his brothers decided to abandon their duty, and Brock hesitantly joined them. If the Others were coming, how could a few hundred men stop them at any rate.

On to a small Umber village he and his companions went. At Rohr, they rested for the night...

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Happy to have had the chance to playtest the adventure - even in its incomplete state. I have to confess - I am normally someone who has all these grand plans and I end up with a half finished idea by the time Gen Con roles around.

Troll Hoot IV was a fun gathering of friends - new and old. We played 4 different systems over a 2 day period. My 'Feast and Famine' adventure I think was fairly well received. Many opportunities for some King-making (or at least some Lord-making) in this one that were not really available in previous games - the political side of the background was something I was eager to get into.

I have my notes - I know what I want to do - I have my 3 new characters, as well as some new tweaks to the current characters.

And don't forget to celebrate Brock Day in Brockville, where the Brock Ale is being brewed for Lord Brock...maybe.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Still Waiting...

Quick Update...

Still waiting on Gen Con to place my late added second running of AGOT 04. It has been accepted for consideration, but still waiting for the location to be assigned.

If you have been paying attention to all my recent posts, I have alot planned for '04' - three new families and a few new characters.

I will be play testing the adventure at our upcoming gathering of friends at 'Troll Hoot IV' in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.