Friday, May 20, 2011

House Draven of Crag Hall

The Dravens have occupied Crag Hall and the Lonely Spire since the Blackfyre Rebellion. Ser Targeth Draven was a knight from the North who was granted the lands and title for his service during the rebellion for the loyalist side. They are bannerman of Lord Roose Bolton of The Dreadfort.

-ANSEL DRAVEN, Lord of Crag Hall
--[WILLA], house Blackwood, his wife
--their children
---DARVIN, eldest son and heir to Crag Hall
---QUENTON, second son
---TIA,a girl of 10 years
---JANUS, third son, a boy of 7 years
--his household

-PATREK DRAVEN, Lord of Lonely Spire, Ansel's younger brother
--CIARA, of Braavos, his wife
--their children
---ALLISTER, eldest son and heir to Lonely Spire
---CALE, second son
---SYNDEL, a girl of 8 years
--his bastard son
--his household
---DOMERI, sworn sword, a Braavosi
---ZANE, a Red Priest, a Braavosi

Ansel Draven is in ill health and the Draven host that joined with Roose Bolton is lead by his sons, Darvin and Quenton as well as Patrek and Allister from Lonely Spire. It is well known throughout the North that the Blackwood sisters, Willa and Shael, were intended to wed the brothers, Ansel and Patrek. Shael was later betrothed to Derrien Vey instead. Patrek was then matched with a wealthy merchant's daughter from Braavos.


Anne said...
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Alex said...

With the new HBO series my gaming group has a renewed interest in play AGOT. I was wondering if you have your adventure series in PDF so other GM's can run it?


jerrytel said...

I have the first two adventures converted to PDF - I will try to post them in the next week or two. I have a few edits I need to make.


Alex said...

Just checking in to see if you can upload the adventures? My group is excited to play them

jerrytel said...

I posted the first two on the following page:

I never intended to share these with anyone initially - so my writing is geared more towards how I run a game. Hopefully, you will get some use out of it. Let me know!