Saturday, May 28, 2011

House Wendover of Long Lake

Long Lake is the last keep along the King's Road north of Winterfell. Last Hearth, the home of the Umbers, is east and north of Long Lake. The Wendovers have been loyal bannermen to House Stark for as long as anyone can remember.

-HORACE WENDOVER, Lord of Long Lake
--FARRAH, house Glover, his wife
--their children
---KRISPIN, eldest son and heir to Long Lake
---KYLE, second son, 17 years
---KEENA, girl of 16 years
--his brothers
---MARTIN, Castellan of Long Lake
----MARTHA, house Manderly, his wife
----their children
-----KERROLD, squire to Lothar Umber, a boy of 11 years
---REYNALD, a brother of the Night's Watch
--his cousin
---JARED, Castellan of Long Lake
--his household
---GARETH STEELE, Captain of the Guard
----MARION, his daughter
----JAX, his son
---ROLLO, guardsman

As with all houses of the North, the Wendovers sent men to Winterfell when Robb Stark called the banners. Horace Wendover left Long Lake with both his sons, Krispin and Kyle, as well as his nephew Lenard.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Map of the North

Map of Westeros from this website.

I added the following:

Village of Rohr (AGOT-01)
Wendover at Long Lake (AGOT-04)
Stonewatch (AGOT-04)
Crag Hall (AGOT-04)
Lonely Spire (AGOT-04)
Riley (AGOT-04)

Friday, May 20, 2011

House Draven of Crag Hall

The Dravens have occupied Crag Hall and the Lonely Spire since the Blackfyre Rebellion. Ser Targeth Draven was a knight from the North who was granted the lands and title for his service during the rebellion for the loyalist side. They are bannerman of Lord Roose Bolton of The Dreadfort.

-ANSEL DRAVEN, Lord of Crag Hall
--[WILLA], house Blackwood, his wife
--their children
---DARVIN, eldest son and heir to Crag Hall
---QUENTON, second son
---TIA,a girl of 10 years
---JANUS, third son, a boy of 7 years
--his household

-PATREK DRAVEN, Lord of Lonely Spire, Ansel's younger brother
--CIARA, of Braavos, his wife
--their children
---ALLISTER, eldest son and heir to Lonely Spire
---CALE, second son
---SYNDEL, a girl of 8 years
--his bastard son
--his household
---DOMERI, sworn sword, a Braavosi
---ZANE, a Red Priest, a Braavosi

Ansel Draven is in ill health and the Draven host that joined with Roose Bolton is lead by his sons, Darvin and Quenton as well as Patrek and Allister from Lonely Spire. It is well known throughout the North that the Blackwood sisters, Willa and Shael, were intended to wed the brothers, Ansel and Patrek. Shael was later betrothed to Derrien Vey instead. Patrek was then matched with a wealthy merchant's daughter from Braavos.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Updated Character Sheets and Family Tree

I have reorganized most of the information (Characters, Campaign Logs, NPCs) into separate pages which I think makes things a bit easier in regards to navigation.

In addition to the new 'Timeline' page, I have also added a page to show the Umber Family Tree, which shows the various characters and NPCs in the game.

I am marking anything that has either information from the books or information resulting from my various adventures (01-03) with the 'Spoiler' warning - if you don't want to see information that may affect either my story or the books/TV Series, please do not click on those links.

Episodes 01-03 take place within the events of Book 1, A Game of Thrones.
Episode 04 will be taking place within the events near the beginning of Book 2, A Clash of Kings.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

I am also working on a few more Player Characters for Episode 4...more information on those forthcoming.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

AGOT - Timeline (Spoilers included)

Thanks Steve for giving me the idea to post this...don't know why I had not before.

I created this as a separate page so someone coming in without having read the books will not have their day ruined.

AGOT Timeline