Friday, April 29, 2011

Miniature Pictures

I have started (Finally) posting pictures of the miniatures I have painted for this game. The first one I am posting are the three of the main characters. I will be posting more pictures here.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

House Vey of Stonewatch

The Skagosi, or stoneborn as they call themselves, are thought of as savages by the rest of Westeros and referred to derisively as Skaggs. They live in caves and mountain fastnesses and ride great shaggy unicorns to war. They are supposedly cannibals as well that eat the hearts and livers of those they slay in battle. They waged a rebellion a hundred years ago that took years to quell.

After this rebellion, the Vey family was granted the previously abandoned keep on the Bay of Seals called 'The Stonewatch'. In the years since, a village has reformed around the old keep. Modest farms have sprouted on the Vey lands while crab and fish are plentiful from the Bay of Seals. The Vey lands are bordered by the Karstarks to the East, the Boltons to the South, and their liege lords the Umbers to the West.

-DERRIEN VEY, Lord of Stonewatch
--his wife, SHAEL, of House Blackwood
--their children
---DONAL, eldest son and heir to Stonewatch
---DALTON, second son
---DARSA, maiden of 16 years
--his household
---CLEM OSTER, Master-at-Arms

The Veys responded to the banners called by Robb Stark and brought 30 Horse and 200 Men from its lands. Derrien brought with him both of his sons. His Master-at-Arms, Clem Oster, was been left behind as Castellan of Stonewatch.