Monday, April 20, 2009

Gen Con 2009

Holy Cow!

A sellout for all 3 events within 24 hours...very cool!

I will be hoping to post much more information in the coming weeks including characters sheets and 'the official' events of Episode 1 - Winter is Coming. Of course, I will do this in a way that will not spoil the story for anyone that has not already played this session.

Thanks all - please post any questions you may have.




Steve said...

Hey, my son and I are registered to play... he is 12, but has been Roleplaying for years and DM's his own game. Not sure if the themes in the game are too mature for him... what do you think?

jerrytel said...

Heya Steve,

The only thing in my game that would be anything to consider is the representation of the whole idea of 'bastard' children that is present in the AGOT world.

Other than that, this game would be no different than any other.

Let me know if you have any other questions!