Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gen Con 2008: AGOT-01 - 8/15/08

My plans to run the game both Wed and Fri kinda got ruined when we arrived to Indy close to 9PM. One of the guys who showed up for my Friday night game had a ticket for the Wed night game - I apologized profusely, and fortunately, another player had an extra ticket which was given to him. I was able to accomodate an additional player as well - making the party 7 characters. The player adapted Elick to be another bastard born child of the Umber family. Always pays off to have multiple copies of the character sheets.

The game went well and I could not have asked for a better group on the maiden voyage. I will not go into too many details of the adventure - I will post that elsewhere so as not to post any spoilers, but the recomendations from the players regarding the game have been heard and applied.

1. "Yori is too powerful, the entire party could have held back and let him handle all the combat" - yup, I see that and have made some alterations to the character.

2. "Jaery needs some bonuses to her damage" - yup, she has also been updated and she is now set-up to eventually get the 'specialization' feat which will make her an even more effective fighter. I took away some of her defense feats as she is the most armored character in the party and with the armor compatability special ability, she should be able to depend on it.

3. "Baelin needs to have a ranged attack" - yup again, Baelin was pretty much forced to the side when combat occured. Instead of helping him with feats to improve his defense, it can be assumed that he will not be able to stand up to any 'fighter' regardless. I transfered his feats to allow him to use a light crossbow and be more of a support character in combat, beyond his healing.


jerrytel said...

Added a new date for the first chapter at U*Con in Ann Arbor (boo Michigan).

Gonna make a few changes to the adventure to try to streamline it a bit more to be a 3.5 hour adventure.


jerrytel said...

As an additional background type of thing, I am changing the way the wildlings made it past the Wall.

Originally, I had it in mind that they tunneled, however (having just read Storm of Swords) I now know that the standard patrols by the Watch would sniff out a tunneling operation, at least at a time when the Watch is at a normal strength (circa Game of Thrones).

So, our raiders have now sailed around the Eastwatch and landed to the north and east of Last Hearth. They brought with them rope and supplies to be able to get down from the wall from the south on their return trip.