Friday, June 6, 2008

Campaign Background

The campaign starts from Last Hearth. Located south of the wall and just east of the King's road, it is the northernmost and last major city of the North. The Umber family rules Last Hearth and are stong supporters and bannermen of House Stark. Winterfell is the seat of House Stark, located well to the south and west of Last Hearth along the King's road.

The Wall is a giant wall constructed of ice and magic that denotes the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms. It is seven hundred feet high and wide enough for a dozen armored men to ride abreast and is manned by the Night's Watch. The Watch had built nineteen castles along the Wall thousands of years ago, but now only three are occupied with less than 1,000 men in their ranks that once numbered over 10,000.

Once you say the words and join the Night Watch, a man is bound for life. Once considered an honorable post, most brothers are now former convicted lawbreakers who have been sent to the wall instead of being imprisoned or killed. Others are orphans, fostered children of wildlings, or members of noble families with little chance of inheriting any lands or title. Men who abandon their posts are considered to be dead men - oathbreakers are normally punished by death.

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jerrytel said...

My goal has always been to work within the storyline of the books. While I do not intend to have the characters directly involved in the major storyline (they are not going to be joining Robb Stark on his march south), I am trying to plan each adventure within the main story structure so that if you are reading or have read the books, you should be able to see where things are at elsewhere, or even some tension that could be coming.

Now - interestingly enough, my choices of using 'Frey' and 'Hornwood' were totally without knowledge of the events in Books 2 and 3 - I had not read those at the time I originally created Baelin and Cyrie. Should be interesting.