Monday, May 12, 2008

Character - Jaery Mormont

Jaery Mormont - Niece to Dacey Mormont (Eldest daughter of Maege Mormont and heir to Bear Island); daughter of Lyra Mormont (3rd daughter of Maege Mormont); fostered to Jon Umber of Last Hearth

Jaery was sent to foster with the Umbers at the age of 10. Born to the family well known for the fighting prowess of its females, Jaery is no different. She began her martial training at an early age and was very eager to foster with the Umbers - a chance to train with a family known to be one of the toughest of noble families of the North.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Character - Lothar Umber

Lothar Umber - Nephew of the Jon Umber (The Greatjon), Lord of Last Hearth; Cousin to Jon Umber (The Smalljon), Heir to Last Hearth; son of Rygor Umber (deceased), younger brother  of the Greatjon.

Ser Rygor died when Lothar was only 5 years old - he had led a party north, allied with members of the Liddle mountain clan (one of the clans on good terms with the Umbers and Starks) to deal with wildlings that got beyond the wall, raiding villages. Rygor fell in battle, but had saved the life of a young clansman named Yori (Liddle). He accompanied the Umber group back to Last Hearth and swore an oath to be young Lothar's protector with his father's absense. The two are close and have formed a very strong bond.


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